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The day Ozzie finished his championship

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Here is a photo Ozzie's owner send to me recently.

Subject: RE: happy Kansas puppy

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From: Winona
Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 11:11 AM
To: Hildegard Patton
Subject: Re: happy Kansas puppy

Good Morning Hildegard,
He moves beautifully. He is light as a feather on the lead and we are all so impressed with his motion. As horse people who have shown
 Saddlebreds, Morgans and Arabs, we are very aware of how they move. Our son made a Homecoming Day card for him using the pictures
you sent us. I think everyone thinks he's a pretty well behaved little guy already. He has a wonderful personality and that kind of presence is great to have in a show horse or dog.
Thank you.
  - Winona


From: Winona
Sent: Saturday, July 24, 2004 2:11 PM
To: Hildegard Patton
Subject: Re: happy Kansas puppy

Hi HIldegard,


Just wanted to let you know how well our puppy is doing. His name fits him and he knows it - Ozzie. He is a very smart pup. What a wonderful personality! 

 It must be very hard for you to send them away on an airplane.


No one will question your breeding if they go to your site and see all the wonderful dogs. I think they would understand that you have been not only a responsible breeder but a very successful one. Your dogs are beautiful and have wonderful personalities.  People can tell Gold Star poodles by just looking at them. They are exceptionally pretty.  I also know that you love poodles and would not breed sick dogs.  It is that simple.
Just wanted to let you know that I support you. I am proud that Ozzie came from your kennel.



The latest e-mail I received
Date: 10/17/09 11:26:10
Subject: Timmy
  Please email me more info on your little adorable boy!  He is just precious.  I got a little girl from you back in 1992. She was the daughter of Little Big Shot.  She was the love of my life.  She lived a very pampered life, but passed away in 2006.  My email address is
   Thank you for all the love you have for your beautiful poodles.  I hope you are doing well.
    Take care,  Emily


Date: 11/1/2007 10:49:13 PM
Subject: Hildegard
I am your biggest fan, you have without a doubt, the best poodles in the world!!  Hildegard Patton is without a doubt, the best breeder !!!  I challenge anyone to disagree with me!!!


Champion Casper Bigshot's son

Send message 8.3.2007
You know how much I love my Casper and he has given me beautiful babies the 7 years I have had him, never have any thing wrong
 with his pups that I know of. I can't think of nothing else to say other then I would take another one of your babies in a heart beat.

 John & Kay Of Gemimi Toy Poodles

Dear Hildegard,
I just want you to know that I have the most wonderful puppy and she has captured my heart. Her beauty and personality is more then I expected. She has been a joy and I am very impressed with her in every way. Thanks Hildegard for letting me breed to Dynamite. I have several of your poodles and some are very old and in great health. They are all very special poodles
Karen Graham Keepsaketoypoodles



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Date: 08/20/05 18:56:59
Subject: Re: ANGEL PUPS (I belong to allaboutpoodles) (Please don't delete)
Hi Hildegard.
Thank you for answering my e-mail.
Sorry I didn't answer your e-mail before. My daughter and kids came from Calif. and I was busy with them, didn't get on line till today.
By your e-mails to the list it seems that Angel's pups will grow to the size that you wanted. I hope that they will be the size you are wishing for, after putting so much effort and work it is hard to see that nature doesn't cooperate. I really appreciate your work and dedication to the poodle breed. It shows on all your beautiful poodles.


Just a reminder to you of our telephone conversation this morning. I definitely want to purchase a female puppy from you as soon as you have one available. I am not in a rush, but I do want to know that you will save me one.

My Zha Zha is ten years old in 2004 and I can not bear to even think about the thought of losing her. She is my heart and soul. She is absolutely the best tempered, most beautiful and loving little girl I could ever have. PLEASE EMAIL or calll me back and let me know that I am on your waiting list. As I told you on the phone, I will send deposit if you like, however you wish to work this out.

I have looked over the last ten years at other web sites, just out of curiousity, and without a doubt, your Poodles are by far the best in the world. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for letting me have Zha Zha and I pray you will breed me another little girl that I can love and spoil just as much.

Thank you, Diane Kellett and Zha Zha




From: Debra
Date: 10/3/2007 1:41:54 PM
Subject: timmy

hi hildegard
 timmy is doing wonderful and is so so smart. i have really enjoyed him and everybody has an absolute fit over him everywhere i go.
debra wood
From: Vicki
Date: 11/3/2007 12:27:41 AM
Subject: Re: New web page
I was thinking the other day...that we've had poodles in our lives since our first little girl in 1976...and I can't imagine life with out a poodle...and my little Gold Star baby is the most precious one I've ever had...she's been a mama's girl from day one...thank you so much for such a darling little girl...
Hope you have a  good weekend...

Dear Hildegard,
Just wanted to write you a note to tell you how grateful we are again for
Mac.  He is just too sweet to describe!  In the few weeks he has been with us
he has taken over the whole house, lol, he even has our other (adult) poodles
under control!  He sleeps with us every night and I have to say he is quite
the little bed hog, lol, he finds his spot (usually between Joe and myself)
and refuses to budge an inch!  Who would have ever thought that a 1 1/2 lb
dog could be so demanding?!  We love him so much and he has brought so much
joy into the house, I could never tell you how thankful I am for him.
You, Mrs. Patton, breed the most beautiful dogs and puppies anyone could ever imagine and
 I hope you keep breeding this incredible line so that others like me can see what a poodle
should really look like!  I wish you the best and thank you again for
Mac, he is truly the love of my life.
Warmest regards,
Deanna Crutcher

Dear Hildegard,
I just had to write you a note, as I could not wait until morning.
My joy is too much to express. My daughter and I are so excited.
Clark and Tracy had such a wonderful little boy,and I love him already.
I'm afraid he may end up being my baby. He has already stole my heart.
He has spent alot of time in my lap since we left your house today.
We plan on calling him Chance. This is a wonderful chance to become aquainted
 with the world of show poodles. And I believe he will be the one to show us the way.
How much fun we will have. And I think it will be good for Melissa. And of course
we will spend more time together doing this. So this little boy will be a
wonderful baby for both of us. Don't ever worry about him. I promise to take
good care of him.I will close for now. I know you have alot to do before your show.
 I know you will do well! Take Care. I will talk to you soon. I'm sure I will have many stupid
questions for you. One question I forgot to ask you, was how often should he
get a bath and what type of shampoo should we use? If you can,please let me
know, so I won't do anything to hurt him.  
 Thank you again, Sabrena

Dear Hildegard.
just thought you would like to know how our new baby is doing. She is
adjusting to everything very quickly.  We have picked out a name for her  "
mon Labelle enjole'  "  it is French for  "my beautiful angel"  so we call
her angel.  She is so sweet and is getting very attached to us.  She follows
me everywhere within her boundaries and has already learned the word "NO". 
She was a little fresh today  every time I told her  no  she would run and
bite her toy dog. She is  so funny , eating well and  capturing  all of our
hearts.  I talk to her all the time . I told Chuck that i think we are
training each other. I will send you some pictures as we get them.  Thank you
so much for making us so happy. Don't worry about her  we are taking very
good care of her. What a wonderful thing you do bringing so many people so
much happiness. Thank you again


Hello Hildegard,

    I wanted to let you know my little Cheri is the most beautiful little poodle.  She is now two years old, as bright as a "penny", and is such a joy in my life.  She is everything, and more, than I ever could have asked for in a poodle.  She is not only gentle and kind, but a well-rounded poodle.  She is only three pounds, but full of love.  I am so very blessed to have her. 

    Within two months of having her I found a wonderful grooming establishment, Miss Kitty's Bed and Bath.  Cheri looks wonderful all of the time with their expert scissoring.  She has even been boarded there for a short period of time and loved it. 

    Cheri has never "met a stranger", and is friendly to all.  Thank you, thank you, for doing such a wonderful job of breeding her.  My life is so very enriched by having my little Cheri. 

   Joyfully in Jesus,

Ann Davison



So happy to hear from you and that your reports are great!!  Beau sends many hugs to grandma!  He's the greatest!!!!  I'll never be able to thank you for your compassion in our hour of such grief.  Thank you for our Beau.  I'll continue to send pictures as he progresses.  We send you so much of our love!!