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Tamieca's present accomplishments
Congratulations Sherry and Tamieca I am very proud of you both!!

Sherry Tamieca's owner trainer and handler send this wonderful news to me.


Hi Hildegard,

Just wanted to let you know that Tamieca earned her MACH 6 title this weekend!
She did well and I am so very proud of her. It's hard to believe that Friday she will be 9 years old.
She only needs 64 more points to qualify for Nationals 2011, and hopefully we can finish these points in the next few shows. However, I can see she is progressively getting slower and we'll have to see how she is running come next year for Nationals. .
Tamieca still loves to run and always gives 200% ...,
She has done so well, in breed and Agility .... and being a first time handler in both ... we have done far more than I ever dreamed of or could have imagined. She is so talented and smart, and has been the best little baby I am very fortunate to have her.
Thank you for entrusting her to me. 
Sherry & Tamieca

   5 MACH's (AKC),   7 UGRACH's (UKC Grand Agility Champion), UKC - Breed Champion, and the Novice Fast title (AKC).  

There are presently only 2 toy poodles with in the country with Mac 5

March 2009

I had the pleasure to see Tamieca and Sherry in action  at the National Championship Competition March 28th 2009
 It could not believe how fast this little girl can run and she sure loves every minute of it.

 Way to go Sherry and Tamieca  I am  proud of you and Tamieca!
All the training  hard work and the love for Tamieca has paid of well.

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Tamieca and her new mom the day she  was flying with her new mom to her new home.


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I like to share the biggest winning update of Tamieca.
I received this message from Tamieca's owner and handler
October 10.2007

Tamieca got her AKC MACH 2 title this weekend.


Tamieca is the halve sister of Dynamite   

amieca's Dam
Gold Star's Just A Miracle


Tamieca's Sire
Gold Star's Chip Of A Star

Tamieca is the #4 dog nationally in UKC AG1 for

   Tamieca is now the #2 dog nationally in UKC AG2 for

AG3 - 1st Place - Tamieca is now the #1 dog nationally in UKC AG3 for

Division one dogs (8 inch class)


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Tamieca's Honor
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